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Satish Phadke

Satish Phadake is a  Marathi motivational speaker and trainer. He has created content on history, Indian culture, economics, and case studies. His video titled “Surya Putra Karn” made him popular. In his videos, he talks about healthy life and happy life. He gives important and valuable life lessons through simple short and interactive stories. One can consume his content to feel inspired.

Walk into the limelight:

Mr. Phadke became famous among Marathi youngsters after his speech on “Surya Putra Karn”. Even though his Youtube channel has about 60 thousand subscribers, he has been able to accumulate over 3 million views. Known for his witty takes on events, Mr. Phadke is a well-known orator. He is also the founder of PACE Academy which trains students for the prestigious IIT.

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