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Mi Udyojak

 Mi Udyojak is a Marathi YouTube channel that provides a platform for all Marathi businessmen. On this YouTube channel success stories from various fields are brought to light. The famous personality and businessman Sharad Tandale has content on this channel. Likewise, other successful business people also have contributed to this channel.

Life before fame:

Born in a family of teachers, Mr. Tandale comes from humble beginnings. He completed his Mechanical Engineering from Aurangabad. Thereafter, working on a meager salary, Mr. Tandale was made fun of by a friend. He then decided to take charge of his life and became a contractor. This led to a successful business and he then started motivating and inspiring others who had the skill but not the will to succeed.

Walk into the limelight:

After receiving success, Mr. Sharad Tandale started Mi Udyojak. It is a community for local businesses and entrepreneurs to interact and help each other achieve success. His YouTube channel has garnered more than 3 lakh subscribers with a viewership of 13 million. Mr. Tandale aims to help young aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses to realize their true potential and achieve the heights of success they are capable of.

Published books:

  • Ravan: Raja Rakshashancha
  • The Entrepreneur

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