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How to search UPNP devices from network ?

GUPnP Tools are free replacements of Intel UPnP tools that use GUPnP. gupnp tools can be installed using below command,

$ sudo apt install gupnp-tools

They provides the following client and server side tools which enable one to easily test and debug one’s UPnP devices and control points:

AV Control Point: a simple media player UI that enables one to discover and play multimedia contents available on a network. It is strictly a control point and therefore does not have any playback capabilities of it’s own and relies on external UPnP MediaRenderer devices for actual playback.

$ sudo gupnp-av-cp

You can also search all the available upnp devices in a network using following command,

$ sudo gssdp-discover -i wlp3s0 --timeout=3

where “-i” specifies the network interface, it may be eth0 if ethernet or wlan0 if you are connecting over wifi. Use “ifconfig” command to identify your active interface.


GNome UPNP Tools – https://github.com/GNOME/gupnp-tools

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