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How to save your Android Mobile’s battery to last it longer ?

Recently one of my Android smart phone’s battery suddenly started draining very frequently and since I was in travel, I had no other option to identify ways how I can prevent my battery from draining.. Listing some of these ways which worked well for me..

1. Turn on data Network only when required and Turn off mobile Data once done

Mobile data is the biggest battery consumer when you browse the internet / websites using browser, hence you should turn on data network only when you need to browse something and then once done, you should turn OFF data from settings which will stop unnecessary alerts and background WhatsApp and Email sync.

2. Make sure WiFi and Bluetooth is Turned OFF and started only when required.

Lot many times people forget to turn off Bluetooth and WiFi after turning on for some use. If you keep WiFi and Bluetooth ON when not in active use, its going to consume the battery and reducing the life of battery requiring frequent charging. So, make sure you Turn ON WiFi and Bluetooth only when required and as soon as use is over turn it OFF.


3. Adjust the display settings properly to make use of least battery. [ Open Settings App and then click Display ]

Set brightness level somewhere from 40% to 50% for optimum utilisation of battery. You can choose to increase this if you are outside in sunlight else keep it between 40 – 50%

If you like, you can switch on “Night Light” but it makes your screen yellowish so its upto you if you like it or not.

Turn on Adaptive brightness.

Use Dark Theme if you like, since all Android mobiles recently comes with Dark theme.

Keep Screen Timeout as less as possible or default 30 Sec is also sufficient.

Keep Auto-rotate screen to off, and you may choose to turn on it temporarily only when you are watching multimedia or reading some document, else keep it OFF.


4. Use “Kaspersky Battery Life :Saver & Booster” application from Playstore to stop background apps when not in use.

you can install “Kaspersky Battery Life :Saver & Booster” application from playstore, which shows how many applications are runnings in background and gives you a single option to close all the applications from background, so these apps doesn’t use the battery in background.

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