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How to integrate Firebase to your android Application ?

Once you created a project in Firebase console by following steps from “How to start new project in Firebase console ?” , the next step is we need to configure the Firebase project using package name of our application, so that our app can communicate with the Firebase.

To uniquely identify communication between our app and Firebase console, Firebase needs to be configured to create “google-services.json” which we need to copy into our apps source code. The detailed steps are as below,

In the project dashboard, click on “Android” for the android app procedure.

In the next step, enter your app’s package name and click on “Register App”

In the next step, you need to download “google-services.json” file, which you need to copy into your android app’s source code at app/ directory.

Add the firebase SDK as below to your android app’s build.gradle and app/build.gradle as below,

With this changes , your integration of Firebase to android app is done.

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