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Google Feud

Are you bored by browsing too much technical stuff on this website, then you are right place to get some refreshment from lots of brain eating technical posts here 🙂

Google Feud is a fun games site which helps you to brush up your skills of identifying names, guessing photos, guessing how google could auto complete what you are going to type in Google Search. It also helps to increase your knowledge.

Consider this as a brainy Game which can be played in your free time by visiting website googlefeud.com

In Autocomplete game, Google Feud website offers 4 types of search guess. Culture, People, Names, Questions..

For example, when we clicked on People, it asked what could be autocomplete for “Jeff” and when we types answer as “Bezos” i.e. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.. we got 9000 points.. 🙂

Google Feud also have other guessing games like Multiple choice, Photo identification etc..

Visit website and enjoy 🙂

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