adb reconnect – command to restart connection to android device

As we have seen in previous posts, “adb devices – Android command to list devices connected over USB / Network” adb command on host first starts the adb server and then tries to connect to Android device.

As we mentioned in “adb kill-server – Android adb command to kill daemon” in case of some error during connection with device, we have to kill the server daemon then start ourself or let adb devices command start the daemon.

All of this above two things can be done using single “adb reconnect” command which,

  • Disconnects previous connection from device
  • Reattempts the new connection by restarting daemon
  • Also lists the device serial number
$ adb reconnect
reconnecting B2NGAA8831702707 [device]

There are some other options also with reconnect command as below which you may use if needed,

internal debugging:
 reconnect                kick connection from host side to force reconnect
 reconnect device         kick connection from device side to force reconnect
 reconnect offline        reset offline/unauthorized devices to force reconnect

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