adb reboot – Restart your Android device from host

If you want to restart/reboot your Android device connected over adb shell, you can do the the same using “adb reboot” command from Linux/Windows host machine.

The Simple “adb reboot” command just restarts your Android mobile/device. Android also supports other options as,

 $ adb reboot 

Only Restarts your Android device from host.

 $ adb reboot recovery 

Restarts the android device into recovery mode.

 $ adb reboot bootloader 

Restarts the android device into bootloader mode.

 $ adb reboot sideload 

Restarts into recovery and automatically starts sideload mode.

 $ adb reboot sideload-auto-reboot 

sideload-auto-reboot is the same as “adb reboot sideload” but reboots after sideloading.

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