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What are the benefits of Yocto ?

  • Yocto is designed to compile everything from source code.
  • Yocto itself is not a Linux distribution, but it has everything using which we can create complete Linux distribution.
  • Yocto can build independent packages which can be used to upgrade.
  • Yocto provides mechanism for LICENSE verification and validation. 
  • Yocto requires no admission processes, contracts, or membership fees, any individual or organisation can use and contribute to the project.
  • The Yocto Project software is developed and designed using a collaborative effort by an open community of professionals and volunteers – collectively known as contributors.
  • Yocto focuses on creating one build system infrastructure and technology that addresses the needs of all users.
  • Yocto provides extensive tools for testing and verification.
  • Yocto provides good documentation.

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