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Namecheap promo codes for domain, SSL and Hosting

Once you have decided for a domain name and are in process of doing checkout / purchase. One thing you should try is to check if there are any promo codes or discount coupons are available which can atleast reduce the purchase price by some amount.

In previous post, we have shown how to search for domain name and continue with purchase. Once you are at the below screen, where you can see the option for “Promo Code” as seen below,


Now, visit the namecheap promo code URL at https://www.namecheap.com/promos/coupons/ there you can see the different promo codes as,

as you can see here, we have some coupons for Domain name registrations, 35% OFF for Emails and 38% OFF for SSL security certificates purchase.

As we are registering the new domain, copy the code “AUTDOMAINS” and paste in promo code option during purchase as,

Namecheap Coupon

As you can see after applying, promo code, our price got reduced from 709.99 to 694.80 i.e almost 15 INR as discount. Although this is very less right now, but sometimes we can see larger discounts so always check for the coupons before doing final purchase.

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