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FAQ : Google Adsense Address Verification in India

When does Google starts the address verification procedure ?

Once your account earnings has reached minimum address verification threshold ( which is USD 10$ for India ) Google will request you to upload ID proof (like Aadhar card) from dashboard, once your ID proof has been validated, Google will request you to verify address.

For Address verification google, sends Personal Identification Number (PIN) to your payment address using Postal Services which contains 6 digin pin number, which we need to enter in dashboard to verify Address.

How long does it take to receive the Google AdSense verification PIN at the given address in India ?

When the PIN is generated by Google, the dashboard is updated with the status with the date when PIN has been generated and sent and mentions that it may take from 2 to 4 weeks to arrive PIN to your address. For example: as shown in picture below, our PIN was sent on 13th May.

In our case, we received the PIN on 26 May, i.e. it took 13 days or 2 weeks for us to receive the PIN.

Which courier services are used by Google to send Adsense PIN ?

The Adsense PIN in India has been sent by Speed Post from India Post, which is a government operated postal service in India.

How does the PIN verification courier look like in India ?

After opening envelop, this contains 6 digit PIN
Front side of Envelop : White box, hides our Address
Back side of Envelop

From which location / City the Adsense address verification is sent ?

As you can see above, we received the PIN from Mumbai. Possibly Google sends address verification PIN from nearest Google authorized Office.

How to Verify Address using Address Verification PIN ?

Login to your Adsense dashboard, and click “Verify”

Enter your 6 digit PIN and click “Submit” , you will see your address has been successfully verified and dialog box will disappear.

For other questions not answered here, because we didn’t faced those questions, comment below to know our personal experience OR visit https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/157667?hl=en

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