How to disable wordpress Admin Bar ?

Sometimes, we want to make sure default wordpress admin bar ( as it looks below ) is not visible to everyone but have users register to our blog. To, disable this, there are multiple ways, but the most easiest way we could identify is to disable this using CSS, identify a code “wpadminbar” some like … Read more

Best Free WordPress Themes

Do you want to develop a website for your idea ? There are multiple software’s to get started with developing a website. In this post we will list some of the best and tried software’s ( themes and plugins ) from wordpress. ( We found wordpress most convenient for maintaining dynamic websites ) As a … Read more

How to Delete Bulk Posts from WordPress using Plugin ?

Bulk Delete

If you want to delete large number of posts, pages, attachments, users from WordPress in scenarios like you are creating lot of auto generated posts or you have migrated your current website to some other domain etc, in such cases we have been using WordPress Free Plugin called “Bulk Delete“ Note: This posts recommends “Bulk … Read more

Top Best free WordPress plugins for Related Posts

When your blog, website has lots of categories, tags and posts, it always help to show your visitors posts, pages which are related to the page/post the user is visiting currently. For wordpress there are lots of free plugin’s for showing related posts. In this post, we are listing some of the best known plugin’s … Read more

How to disable RSS feeds from WordPress ?


Note: disabling RSS feed may disable your auto social media share if you are using Google FeedBurner, any other feed readers and your users may not be able to subscribe to particular feeds if you want them to do so. Why we wanted to disable RSS Feeds ? When we analysed our website as submitted … Read more

Check if its tag page or category page in WordPress

As we have seen in our previous post “How to display WordPress Categories on home page of website” we added Category index into our home page, and we added subcategories into Category archive page, but while doing it started showing category index onto our tag pages also, hence we now needed to distingush whether we … Read more

Check if page opened is home page in wordpress

Sometimes we want to display certain things only on certain category of pages, for example, on this website we wanted to display list of categories only on home page and for all other pages it shouldn’t display anything. To achieve this wordpress provides certain API’s to check whether we are on home page or blog … Read more

How to display WordPress Categories on home page of website

If we have a website which is largely text based, something like this website which shows mostly text posts then its always better to have a home page which lists all the categories so user can choose the category they want and we display the posts under that category on next category pages. For getting … Read more