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Top 10 Linux Distros

Hello everyone! Wondering which Linux distributions are considered the top 10?

Here’s our list:

1. Ubuntu: Ubuntu is a very popular distro. It has a highly active community and is very stable. Easy to use for beginners and intermediate-level users.

2. Linux Mint: If you are moving from Windows, Linux Mint is highly recommended to be your first Linux Distro as it is very similar to Windows in terms of look and feel. It’s easy to install and can be run on old hardware as well.

3. Debian: Debian is popular as a result of its high stability and regular updates. Debian has extensive hardware support, a huge online community, and is very easy to use.

4. Manjaro: Manjaro is an extensive desktop based distro. It is stable and provides regular updates.

5. OpenSUSE: openSUSE (earlier known as SUSE Linux) is a stable open source distro widely used by software developers with tools such as Open Build services, YaST, Kiwi, and openQA.

6. ArchLinux: ArchLinux is targeted toward experienced Linux users. It is difficult to install and gives complete control over which packages to be installed.

7. Fedora: Fedora is used mostly in a corporate setup. It comes with support for Servers, Workstations, and IoT devices. It is used mostly by software developers.

8. Zorin OS: Zorin OS is a feature-rich, flexible Linux Distro with support for over 50 languages. It is used widely for its accessibility and compatibility.

9. Kali Linux: Kali Linux is the go-to Linux Distro for Ethical Hacking. It features extensive tools for ethical hacking, and wide community support and is based on Debian.

10. Pop!_OS: Pop!_OS is a gaming-oriented Linux Distro with a variety of features, and customization options and can run most top-shelf games without a hitch! it comes preinstalled with NVIDIA Graphics drivers.

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