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Different between WifiNetworkSpecifier and WifiNetworkSuggestion

WifiNetworkSpecifier and WifiNetworkSuggestion are both classes introduced in Android to facilitate the management and connection to Wi-Fi networks, but they serve slightly different purposes:

  1. WifiNetworkSpecifier:
    • Connection Request: WifiNetworkSpecifier is used when you want to request a specific network connection. You provide details such as the SSID and, optionally, authentication information (e.g., password). It is typically used when you have a known network you want to connect to.
    • Usage: You create a WifiNetworkSpecifier and add it to a NetworkRequest to explicitly request a connection to a specific Wi-Fi network. It is useful when you have a single, known network in mind.
    • User Interaction: The user may not necessarily see a list of available networks; you’re trying to connect to a specific one programmatically.
  2. WifiNetworkSuggestion:
    • Network Suggestions: WifiNetworkSuggestion is used when you want to suggest networks to the system that it should consider connecting to automatically. You can suggest multiple networks, and the system will connect to them based on certain conditions, such as network quality and user preferences.
    • Usage: You create WifiNetworkSuggestion objects and add them to the list of network suggestions. The system will use this list to make automatic connection decisions.
    • User Interaction: The user may see the list of suggested networks and choose to connect to one of them. It’s a way to provide network suggestions to the user and let them decide.

In summary, WifiNetworkSpecifier is more about making explicit requests to connect to specific networks programmatically, while WifiNetworkSuggestion is about suggesting networks to the system, which it can then use for automatic connections based on certain conditions and u

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