Solved : fatal: refusing to merge unrelated histories

As we seen in our previous post, “Pushing your first git repository / project to Github” we tried to push our local git to already existing git at github. While doing this, we had two different independent repositories with separate contents committed at local git and git at github. Now, when we tried to pull … Read more

Pushing your first git repository / project to Github


As we seen in our last two posts “How to create git repository in Github” and “Starting your first Git Repository” we created a local git repository with helloworld.c as source inside that repository, and we also created an empty git repository on github website. In this post we will push our already existing local … Read more

How to create git repository in Github ?

Github allows you to create your own git repository in their server free of cost, and you can publish this publicly at their website SO basically github is an free hosting platform for your git repositories which you can share with anyone to download/clone or other people can contribute in a distributed development environment. … Read more

How to resolve “sh: 0: getcwd() failed: No such file or directory”

Today I was working with git and for that I had created a “workspace” directory which contained some source files. During this activity I opened another terminal and deleted the workspace directory from second terminal, where as the first terminal, I forgot that, I was still inside that deleted “workspace” directory. When I tried to … Read more

Top Must know Git Commands for working with git

If you are working with git, you should know some commands which are mandatory and basics for getting started. In this post, we will list the commands which we are going to use as we start learning about git. The details of how to use those commands are mentioned in separate posts referenced as below. … Read more

5. Understanding ” git init ” command

The git init command create an new empty Git repository. It can also be used in a large source code directory to convert that unversioned project to start using source code management. Without git init command in a directory, no other git command will work, hence git init is the first command to be used … Read more

3. Starting your first Git Repository


As we seen in our previous post, “2. How To Install Git on Ubuntu” we are now ready with basic command required to start developing using git. In this post, we will create our first git repository without going into much details and with using very few simple commands which you can remember easily. “git … Read more

2. How To Install Git on Ubuntu ?


As we seen in our last post, “What is Git ?” , git works for local as well as remote development. In this post, we will try to prepare local development machine with git, so that we can create our local git and start working on it. Git can be installed on Ubuntu using below … Read more

What is Git ?


Git is a free and open source source code management ( SCM ) tool which has been designed for distributed development environment so that anyone, located at any place can contribute to the centralised source code. Git is very light weight, easy to understand and fast performance tool. Git is a much better tool than … Read more