Shell script to check and mount a partition in Ubuntu

In the following script we check whether the current device is mounted or not by reading information from proc file /proc/mounts, if the device is not mounted, we use the “mount” command with sudo / superuser permission to mount the device to mount directory as mentioned in the beginning of script.

 $ vim script_to_check_and_mount_parition.bash 
[bash] #!/bin/sh BLOCK_NAME=mmcblk0p1 DEV_NODE=/dev/$BLOCK_NAME MOUNT_DIR=/mnt if cat /proc/mounts | grep $BLOCK_NAM then echo "sd card is mounted" else echo "sd card is not mounted" sudo mount $DEV_NODE $MOUNT_DIR ret=$? echo "retval is $ret" if [ "$ret" = "0" ] then echo "sd card is mounted just now" else echo "sd card cant be mounted" fi fi [/bash]

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