How to use image placeholders in html

In this post, we will use holder.js javascript to demonstrate how you can use default image placeholders for your website. Holder renders image placeholders entirely in browser. Placeholders can have custom colors, fonts, resizing behavior, and rendering engine (Canvas/SVG). Visit and download holder.js java script and upload to your website or use locally. Include holder.js in … Read more

Online MPEG Dash player / Test mpd audio, video streams

If you are looking for testing your mpeg dash urls using an online player, there are few options, 1. Use our online DASH Player from 2. You can setup your own dash player in local machine using apache server and copying below code into play-dash.html Now, open the browser and open url as, http://localhost/play-dash.html … Read more

Solved: ERROR: ErrorException : Array to string conversion

We have two websites, one which is developed with open classifieds and another with wordpress, since wordpress is always updating and recent versions of wordpress demands latest php version for security reasons. We had to update our PHP version from 5.6 to 7.0 for wordpress compatibility, but as we updated PHP version, our bootstap based … Read more

How to hide code / Div based on contents in URL using Javascript ?

There are some reasons where you want certain button / image to be hidden for some section of URL’s. For example, we are showing “Publish New Ad” button on one of our website which is visible for all URL’s of a website, and same also becomes visible on “publish-new.html” html page which is opened once … Read more

How to set Border, Margins and Padding in CSS

If you want to understand, what is Border, Margin or Padding in CSS, visit another post, “Understanding difference between Margin and Padding in CSS” Example without any border/padding/margin [bash] <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title>Understanding between Margin and Padding using css</title> </head> <body> <h3>This is a heading 1.</h3> <h3>This is a heading 2.</h3> </body> … Read more

Understanding difference between Margin and Padding in CSS

Every element in html is considered as Box, hence there is a standard term used as “Box Model” in w3 specification. Each box has a content area (e.g., text, an image, etc.) and optional surrounding padding, border, and margin areas. So, now for understanding the real difference between Margin and Padding, lets define those in … Read more

How to add Android Share dialog to website using Web Share API ?

In Chrome 61 for Android, google has launched the navigator.share() method, which allows websites to invoke the native sharing capabilities of the Android / host platform. This method, part of the simple Web Share API allows you to easily trigger the native Android share dialog, passing either a URL or text to share. This is … Read more