Adding Google Recaptcha to yclas register form

This post shows minimum changes required in source code to add google recaptcha in the register form of yclass.

Modify themes/reclassifieds3/views/pages/auth/register-form.php to add below code

    <?if (core::config('advertisement.captcha') != FALSE):?>
        <div class="form-group">    
            <?=FORM::label('captcha', __('Captcha'), array('class'=>'col-sm-2 control-label', 'for'=>'captcha'))?>
            <div class="col-md-5 col-sm-6">
                <?if (Core::config('general.recaptcha_active')):?>
                    <?=captcha::image_tag('register_new')?><br />
                    <?= FORM::input('captcha', "", array('class'=>'form-control', 'id' => 'register_new', 'required'))?>

Then modify ./oc/classes/controller/panel/auth.php to make sure that this recaptch check is successful by adding below code,

public function action_register() {
    //if user loged in redirect home
    if (Auth::instance()->logged_in()) {
    } elseif ($this->request->post()) {
       } else {
           Alert::set(Alert::ALERT, __('Captcha is not correct'));

Above code will add recaptcha to user registration for and only if recaptcha is successful then user registrations will be successful.

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