USB Ethernet Testing – Measuring network throughput using iperf

Cross Compile Iperf for ARM $ git clone $ cd iperf/ Assuming toolchain is located at /home/devlab/devlab/linaro/gcc-linaro-7.4.1-2019.02-x86_64_arm-linux-gnueabihf $ export PATH=$PATH:/home/devlab/devlab/linaro/gcc-linaro-7.4.1-2019.02-x86_64_arm-linux-gnueabihf/bin $ mkdir out $ ./configure –host=arm-linux-gnueabihf –prefix=/home/devlab/devlab/iperf/out $ make $ make install * copy ./out/bin/iperf to /usr/local/bin of BeagleBoard(ARM platform) RFS. On linux host :~$ iperf -s ———————————————————— Server listening on TCP port 5001 … Read more

Sending and receiving data from user space and kernel using Netlink sockets / Communicating between the kernel and user-space in Linux using Netlink sockets

As mentioned in Linux kernel souce code net/netlink/af_netlink.c, netlink is a Kernel-user communication protocol which allows user to send and receive data to Linux kernel using sockets as we do for other socket communication. Netlink is used to transfer information between the kernel and userspace processes. It consists of a standard sockets-based interface for user … Read more