How to check which header belongs to which package in Ubuntu ?

In Ubuntu, there is a way to identify which header file belongs to which package so if you encountered an error as “header file not found” you can install the package to resolve the error, Just follow below steps, Now lets try to identify which packages contain “sys/types.h” header file, You may get a long … Read more

Booting Androidthings on RaspberryPi3

Follow below steps to boot the Androidthings on Raspberry Pi3 Download the prebuilt image from this will unzip and create iot_rpi3.img image which we need to install on SD card. where /dev/sdb is assumed to be device name of SD card which we needs to connect to Raspberry Pi. This will flash the image … Read more

How to install and update npm on Ubuntu ?

npm is the package manager for the Node JavaScript platform. When we used installed npm on Ubuntu using following command By default ubuntu unstalled npm version 3.5.2, which you can check as, But the software, we were trying to compile required npm version more than 3.5.2, so we upgraded npm to latest stable version using … Read more

How to Switch between Multiple Java Versions in Linux ?

If you have installed multiple JDK on ubuntu and sometimes you might need to change the version of installed JAVA to get few things working with one version and few other things working with another version of JAVA. Lets first identify which all JDK are installed on your Ubuntu, this can be done using “update-java-alternatives … Read more

How to install Android Studio for 32 bit and 64 bit Windows machines ?

Visit website Click on “Download Android Studio” button to download latest version of Android Studio. The latest version available while we installed was 3.4 for Windows 64-bit. Once you click on Download, you will be asked to Accept the terms and conditions. After accepting, it will download an exe at your machine. For 64 … Read more

Install the Flutter and Dart plugins with Android Studio

If you want to develop flutter applications and has an experience of working with Android studio, you can easily configure your existing android studio to start developing flutter applications. Below are the steps to install Flutter and Dart Plugins in Android Studio. Note: In our setup Android studio was installed at /home/devlab/devlab/android-studio , Please change … Read more

How to setup Flutter Engine Development Environment on Ubuntu / Linux ?

The Flutter Engine is a portable runtime for hosting Flutter applications. It implements Flutter’s core libraries, including animation and graphics, file and network I/O, accessibility support, plugin architecture, and a Dart runtime and compile toolchain. You may read more about flutter & flutter Engine at our post “What is Flutter and Flutter Engine ?” Dependency … Read more

How to install Chromium depot_tools on Ubuntu / Linux ?

Chromium depot_tools are the git extensions, which gives additional features. The Chromium depot_tools suite contains many git workflow-enhancing tools which are designed to work together to enable anyone to wrangle the Chromium codebase expertly Follow below steps to install depot_tools on 64 bit Ubuntu 18.04 , same should also work on other versions of Ubuntu … Read more

How to build target and host Sysroot with yocto / poky ?

If you want to build some external packages which are using sysroot within yocto framework or buildsystem, you will first need to build the sysroot which you can then link with the package during compilation. The matching target sysroot contains needed headers and libraries for generating binaries that run on the target architecture. The sysroot … Read more