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Top 10 job sites in India, 2020

When you started to look for job in India, here are some the websites / portals which will help you look for the job. We have listed those based on our understanding of which are most preferred by user and also based on our experience of using those portals. You may also check for “Career and Jobs” page.

Our personal experience is job with reference / from known circle of people is always preferred by employers than hiring unknown people, but some employers prefer to hire unknown people to explore more talents.


Naukri is India’s largest online platform to search for jobs. Millions of job seekers are registered on naukri job site. Large number of recruiters use Naukri.com to post applications for specific posts. The job search category is also detailed. One can apply several keywords and yet find hundreds of jobs of a specific domain. 


LinkedIn is a place to grow for professionals. The platform allows us to connect with like minded professional people working in your interested field and share the contents. Several referrals jobs can also be found on the platform. LinkedIn has different groups for different categories of people. In LinkedIn, if you describe your current and past work profile in details, employers directly connects to you if they find your profile matching or you can also search for job and apply directly to the jobs.


Indeed helps to find jobs and also allows job seekers to apply for those jobs in a specific way. Sending cover letters, resumes and asking specific questions becomes very easy with indeed. Indeed has very easier job search and with just a click you can apply for the job with resume attached to application. The platform is very user friendly.  

Kormo App by Google

The korma app helps to find entry level jobs. It is also possible to get personalised job recommendations on this platform. Any verified employers can give job recommendations. Recommendations can be found based  on the job seekers location, interest, and qualification. Also, it is possible to create and download free Resumes/CV using this app. 


It is a venture started by Hindustan media. It is a web portal which can be used to meet recruiters and understand job vacancies. It helps job seekers to find vacancies for companies from all over India. One can apply for the job according to their preferences and interest. 


Glassdoor acts as a one stop solution for any job seekers. Job seekers can find jobs, also can find reviews, salaries and interview experiences. It is also possible to apply for jobs using this portal. Glassdoor is used by several job seekers also for their interview preparation. Not only the questions can be found but their answers are also listed on the website. At the same time, employees can write about their experience of a specific role and also the pros and cons of working in that company. 


This platform is used by job seekers globally. It is the second largest platform for job seekers after Naukri.com. The subscription of this platform is even less than Naukri.com. Monster is free for job seekers to use. Monster has more than a million job posts. Monster is a good website for less experienced people to find jobs. 


The timesjobs is a venture started by the times group. This portal is mostly used by startups to post vacancies. It is the third largest online platform for job seekers to search for jobs. Timejobs does not only list jobs from companies in technology domains, but it also lists jobs in advertising sector. It also lists government jobs. 


Placementindia provides search for domestic and overseas job vacancies. Resume writing services are also provided on this platform. It helps in giving exposure to your resume. Placementindia is free also for recruiters to post endless vacancies. This reduces the recruitment cost for any recruiter. It also opens doors for many recruiters to post vacancies. Hence, job seekers can find a large number of vacancies in this platform. 

Stackoverflow jobs

Stackoverflow is a platform used by many tech geeks to solve their technical doubts. This platform is also a huge hub for tech geeks to find jobs in their suitable domains. Giant tech companies list their jobs and vacancies on this website. Tech enthusiasts can keep themselves updated as well as find relevant jobs from this platform. 

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