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Solved: Django makemigrations “No changes detected”

When we are adding new model or modifying previous one, we have to inform the project about the changes we are doing using “python manage.py makemigrations” command.

After we added new model in our application, we just run the command “python manage.py makemigrations” and we got a message like,

No changes detected

it means, it didn’t picked the modification to inform to project.

Solution :

Make sure your app is added to INSTALLED_APP in settings.py, for example, the name of our django project is “testproject and name of “application” is “testapp”, then make sure we have following line in “test_project/settings.py”

$ vim test_project/settings.py

Now, run the “makemigrations” by adding “name of the app” at the end as,

$ python manage.py makemigrations testapp

At the end, make sure the newly added model is properly configured as,

$ python manage.py migrate

and now if you start the server, then we should have the newly created model getting reflected in dashboard.

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