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Online tools for Software Developers from ExtendsClass

The ExtendsClass website provides a wealth of free online tools that make work-life easier for developers. No need to install plugin in your browser! Online tools include several fiddles, API clients, code checkers, formatters, validators and more. Within this post we will list some of the more helpful of its utilities.


ExtendsClass provides many convenient playgrounds to train, debug and share code online.

Regex tester
Who has never torn his hair because of a regular expression? We can quickly lose a lot of time to understand a regex!
The regex tester helps to easily write regex. The real plus of this tool is to offer a visual of the regex, so it becomes easy to read and understand.

SQLite Fiddle
An online SQL database playground for testing, debugging and sharing SQL snippets.
It is convenient to do some tests without having to install a database.

XPath tester
XPath expressions tend to be less heavy than regular expressions, but may still require some thought. This small tool facilitates their writing.


You can also find many practical tools to work with APIs.

REST client.
ExtendClass makes creating HTTP requests easy. Just set your url, add your headers and request type, and hit send!

SOAP client.
Similar to the rest client but for the SOAP APIs. You can also generate a XML request sample from a WSDL.

Web service testing.
This tool allows to make test cases in order to validate APIs. You can make HTTP requests, extract data from the HTTP response and assert the responses.
It is possible to easily configure complex test cases.

Data manipulation

Finally, extendsclass.com provides various data manipulation tools in order to convert, format and compare.

JSON tools

JSON formatter.
You easily minify, beautify, escape and unescape JSON data.

JSON diff
Sometimes it is necessary to compare JSON documents, for example to validate the response bodies of REST APIs.
This tools allows you to compare JSON documents and visualize the semantic differences.

JSON Schema Validator And Generator.
It allows to validate JSON, generate Schema from JSON, and also generate a JSON sample from schema.

XML tools

XML formatter.
You can easily beautify and minify XML files.

XML diff
This tool allows you to compare XML documents and visualize the semantic differences.
For example, this can be handy for comparing two SOAP responses.

XSD Validator and Generator.
You can validate that a XML conforms to the definition described by a XML Schema.
What is interesting with this tool is that it allows to generate an XSD from an XML, and vice versa.

Converters / Encoders

In this page you can convert an XML to JSON and vice versa.

Base64 encoder and decoder
This base64 tool allows you to encode and decode base 64 string.

HTML entity decode and encode
This encoder allows you to encode text to HTML entities and decode HTML entities to text.

Note: This is a guest post from : ExtendsClass.com

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