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Install SQLite3 on Ubuntu

If you are working on creating database for some project, higher chances are that you will end up creating database using some automated tool or install scripts, but sometimes you need to create database manually. This posts helps you with installation of SQLite database. For other information regarding databases’s refer to “Database, Backup, Restore” page.

Installing SQLite on Ubuntu 18.04

$ sudo apt-get install sqlite3 

Once this command is successful, you can check sqlite3 is installed by checking where it is installed,

$ which sqlite3

And the version of SQLite3 as,

$ sqlite3 --version
3.22.0 2018-01-22 18:45:57 0c55d179733b46d8d0ba4d88e01a25e10677046ee3da1d5b1581e86726f2alt1

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