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How to Enable Excluded Placements From Google Ads campaign ?

Recently while experimenting with one of our Google Ads, we mistakenly excluded one particular website from Google Ads Campaign. This significantly affected our traffic as our ad stopped serving on this website blocking all the traffic.

In this post, we will show how you can re-enable or re-add or removed certain website which you added to excluded list.

In our case, we had excluded youtube.com from our Ad campaign, so here we will add youtube.com again and enable it.

As you can see, although youtube.com is shown as enabled with green dot, in status it is showing “Excluded from campaign”

Now, As shown in below image, select your Ad campaign (1) & (2) and then click “Settings” (3) and “Edit ad group targeting” (4)

Next, click on down arrow in front of “Excluded” as shown below,

You will see pen icon, click on it.

next, you can either scroll from right side to look for website or placement which you had excluded or search from “Browse” , select the found website and you will see the same website appear in search on right side, click on (X) in front of the same to remove this from excluded list.

Once done, scroll below and click on “Save”

Now, if you check of the same placement which was previously showing “Excluded from campaign” should now show it as “Eligible”

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