How to Identify packages generated by the bitbake recipe ?

When trying to add new packages to your root file system image, we need to identify what are packages supported / generated by the bitbake recipe because Root file system images are created from packages. Looking at this output, it becomes clear that the packages desired for installation on the root file system are “dropbear-dbg … Read more

How to add timezone info to root filesystem using Yocto ?

Recently while debugging some issues we found that we were missing timezone related files into Yocto root filesystem, the debugging with strace shown the following error, The poky has a recipe for compiling the relevant files at poky/meta/recipes-extended/tzdata/ hence you can use below command to compile it, Once you have it compiled, you can add … Read more

How to add locale into embedded yocto root filesystem ?

Recently we faced some issues with locale and when debugged using strace it shows following error Now, to add these missing files using bitbake, append following line in either in your image recipe or in conf/local.confand rebuild the root filesystem Subscribe with Valid Email Id to receive updates in Inbox. ( Secured by Google FeedBurner … Read more

Create yocto recipe using recipetool script Found bitbake path: ~/Desktop/devlab/poky/bitbakeNOTE: Fetching…DEBUG: unable to extract library name from Recipe has been created; further editing may be required to make it fully functional. ————————————————— Now, if we open a newly automatically created recipe, it will be something like below & you can then customise it as per your requirement, … Read more

Yocto: Where temporary source code resides for a package during build

During a build, the unpacked temporary source code used by recipes to build packages is available in the Build Directory as defined by the S variable. Below is the default value for the S variable as defined in the meta/conf/bitbake.conf configuration file in the Source Directory: S = “${WORKDIR}/${BP}” You should be aware that many recipes override … Read more

WARNING: QA Issue: “pkg1” rdepends on “pkg2”, but it isn’t a build dependency? [build-deps]

Following are the errors which you may get while compiling bitbake and its solutions, Error :  WARNING: QA Issue: network-manager-applet rdepends on modemmanager, but it isn’t a build dependency? [build-deps] Solution : Open the network-manager-applet recipe and add RDEPENDS on modemmanager, as Note: This error we observed for network-manager-applet which we were working on, but … Read more

Bitbake packages compilation process

Bitbake Process

Compilation of Any package using bitbake goes through stages as mentioned in below image, 1. do_fetch – This downloads the source code of packages from remote location, use below command to fetch package source, 2. do_unpack – This extracts the source code of tar/zip, use below command to unpack package source, 3. do_patch – This patches the local changes from … Read more

Add new user, set password and change root password in Yocto

Created a new image recipe like below and named it as, recipes-images/images/ Compile the image as, and run as, On, login menu you should be able to use the user & passwords as defined above. Reference : Yocto manual Subscribe with Valid Email Id to receive updates in Inbox. ( Secured by Google FeedBurner ) … Read more

Compiling yocto poky for qemuarm and running qemuarm

Below steps defines the procedure for compiling yocto poky source for building qemu arm binaries, Here, we have used poky / yocto fido version, You had no conf/local.conf file. This configuration file has therefore beencreated for you with some default values. You may wish to edit it to use adifferent MACHINE (target hardware) or enable … Read more

How to build target and host Sysroot with yocto / poky ?

If you want to build some external packages which are using sysroot within yocto framework or buildsystem, you will first need to build the sysroot which you can then link with the package during compilation. The matching target sysroot contains needed headers and libraries for generating binaries that run on the target architecture. The sysroot … Read more