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Akash Gautam

Akash Gautam is a motivational speaker based out of Chandigarh. Mr. Gautam is a corporate trainer, motivational speaker, and blogger. Mr. Gautam is very desirable to corporates for their keynotes. He is the “fun speaker” because he incorporates real-life stories with a comedic spin. Due to this, he has been dubbed “The Happy Guy” he has a focus on “doing what you want to do”.

Life before fame:

Mr. Gautam completed his PG in Fashion from NIFT, New Delhi. However, not soon after, he was fired from his position in a garment factory, for being “demotivated” and was accused of “demotivating” fellow colleagues as he did not like what he did. Soon he entered the Motivation and Coaching industry at a time when it was mostly corporate individuals using complex industry terms.

Walk into the limelight:

Currently, Mr. Gautam is one of the most desired speakers in the corporate world for his humor and wit. His rise to popularity was due to his casual and funny approach. Due to this he soon became known as the “Happy Guy” giving out keynotes for over half of the Nifty50 companies! This was due to his realization of the “No Boring Gyaan” concept wherein he was able to captivate minds using stories from real life.

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