adb install and adb uninstall – Command to install, uninstall or delete android application using package name

If we want to install an apk already downloaded or we compiled, use below command to install the same using adb as,

 $ adb install 

If we have already installed this apk previously and now want to install another version on top of this, then from adb use below command which will remove already installed application and install the new as,

 $ adb install -r 

Now, if we want to uninstall the same apk, using adb, we need to know the package name of the application. Using package name, use below command.

 $ adb shell pm uninstall 


 $ adb uninstall 

Now, lets say you have a development board / device and you want to know where the application/service is installed as part of system apps, and want to delete this permanantly, then use the below procedure,

 $ adb shell 
 $ su 
 $ mount -o rw,remount /system 
 $ cmd packages 

Above command will return, where this helloworld system application in installed in /system/app OR /system/priv-app


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